Woke up excited for a fresh new week, and two hours later, found the boys throwing stale biscuits at each other through tears over a broken lego creation. Mondays. Ya win some, ya lose some 😂

That being said, nothing has helped me enjoy, laugh, or simply just be unshaken in these mundane, everyday, Mom moments, like my days (ok...years 😜) at CrossLife. I’ve come to know Christ as my life and what that REALLY MEANS in the everyday, ordinary (um...and biscuit throwing extraordinary) moments that I’m sharing with Him. I’d love to pass their info along if anyone is longing to experience what abundant life really means.

May our Monday’s be short and our coffee strong, mamas 😉

Abby Stone

I have spoken pretty openly with many of my friends about my personal struggles and trials in this life. I have also shared how Crosslife has changed the way I relate to my Jesus and therefore to everything and everyone else around me. Vinny and I can both attest that Crosslife was far more than just great straight forward counseling; it was a life-changing experience. Our marriage is stronger and we are better people because of our time spent investing in ourselves and each other here. If you or someone you know may be struggling, I hands down recommend this place for ANYONE! It's more than just quick fix therapy, it's
a whole new perspective and lease on life.

Vinny & Brittany Keeler

Highly recommended for anyone struggling to live the Christian life. Crosslife will give you real answers that really matter centered on The Real One! Whether personal or marital, Crosslife Counseling will set your sights back on Christ!

George Lynch

“I came to you this past year a very broken and confused person.

Even though I considered myself a Christian, I had no real concept of relationship specifically one that involved God. Having been raised in a "religious" home, I was always afraid of God.

I continually tried to "do the right thing" so that I wouldn't be punished.

What a sad and unfulfilling life!!

After many weeks of counseling and attending the Christ Life Seminars, I am happy to report that I no longer live in the fear and condemnation that stole so many years of enjoying a true relationship with God.

So many things have changed in my life I can't even begin to list them all.

But what is most amazing is how I go through life "participating" in the love of what I now know to be a loving and gracious Father. Even through there are definite trials and tribulations,I live in the reality that it is "we" (not me) who will go through them together.

I no longer have to figure it all out and try to make things happen.

My husband and I have been making remarkable progress in our relationship. And what is so amazing is that it just seemed to start changing slowly - day by day- then days turned into weeks and weeks into months. I look back and am just blown away at the change I never did ANYTHING to make it happen. I just "participated" in my relationship with God and He did the rest.

It is truly remarkable. At the wonderful age of 61, I can finally say I am in love with my Father, and even more importantly, I know He is in love with me.”

A Pastor’s Wife

All my life I have lived by a set of rules and standards that I thought was what God wanted for me.  I have (subconsciously) believed that if I “do good” I will “get good” (results).  I grew up in a home where performance based acceptance was an underlying factor. I went to youth group, saved myself for marriage, didn’t party with that crowd, shared Christ with my friends, went on mission trips, and the list goes on.  All along, I believed that I was serving Christ and doing what he had called me to do. As a result, I would have a happy and fulfilled life.  I would marry, have kids, serve the Lord together, and change the world!!! We would live happily ever after.


CrossLife Counselee