The Christ As Life Seminar Part 2

The Believer's Righteous Identity

How righteous are you and why? As you answer this question how did you come to your conclusion? How you answer this question reveals something very important about you and what you believe your spiritual condition to be. We saw in our previous discussion of the cross and the finished work of Christ that we have been rescued. We've gone from one dominion to another; from "in Adam" to "in Christ." In our new relationship the believer has a righteous identity. But what does that mean?

Many are fearful to refer to themselves as righteous. Some believe they are righteous based on performance not understanding who they are in Christ. In this video series we will bring clarification to the subject of the believer's righteous identity.

The Believer's Righteous Identity (Part 1)

The Believer's Righteous Identity (Part 2)

The Believer's Righteous Identity (Part 3)

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