Balancing the “Seen” and the “Unseen” Perspectives of Life

“Without an understanding of the “seen” and the “unseen” perspectives of human existence (cf. II Cor. 4:18), we will be confused about what is happening in our life.

To truly experience life as God intended, requires a person to “move through” our reactions to the current circumstances by faith, by being aware of the unseen perspective of God‘s grace activity in the midst of those circumstances. Without the awareness of the unseen, the eternal, the grace activity of God, (His character) it is impossible for the Christian to experience life in the seen, temporal perspective, and recognize how God is working in the current circumstances of life.

To say it another way, unless the Christian is “Christ conscious” choosing to be engaged with Jesus, walking by faith in daily matters as he/she journeys through life, such a Christian will by default be walking after the “flesh,” approaching life from reactive self-effort.

It is impossible to experience life as God intended without an awareness of the perspectives of the “seen” and “unseen.” To focus on either to the neglect of the other is to be out of step, or out of balance.

For example, if a person is losing perspective of the “seen” and temporal, and only focuses on the “unseen,” they could actually endanger themselves by not being conscious of their environment, using the five senses that God gave them to navigate through the current environment that they live. A kind of, “so heavenly minded that they are no earthly good.”

More often than not, the other extreme is more apparent, where the Christian is so consumed by their circumstances and what is happening in the world around them, the trials of life, they falsely believe it is up to them to do their best, often overwhelmed and worried about how things will turn out. This place of uncertainty becomes the perspective of doubt and worry, walking after the “flesh,” confused by the familiarity of the seen and wondering where God is in the midst of it all.

For a Christian to experience life as God intended, requires being aware of two perspectives, both the “seen” or temporal and the “unseen” and eternal simultaneously.

Unless we are aware of and participate with Jesus who is “The Way, The Truth, and The Life,” (Jn. 14:6) we will miss experiencing life as God intended.”

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Written by Don Burzynski

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