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Parenting As God Intended

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Parenting As God Intended

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CrossLife Ministries offers personal, discipleship counseling, training and free community events.


"Because of the truths we learned through our time at CrossLife, my wife and I began to share things with each other that we had never in the past felt comfortable discussing. As a result, our marriage was strengthened and our bond with one another renewed. So much so, that this past month we welcomed our third child into the world! Praise God for what He's doing through CrossLife!"




Our counseling approach is set apart from other approaches in that it is based on personal discovery. We help individuals discover Christ as their life; the life God intended for each of us to experience regardless of our circumstances. This discovery changes a person's perception of themselves, people they are in relationship with and God Himself. Most importantly, it helps them properly face any crisis they may be in. Read More...


We host several free events annually.The purpose is to bring the community together in an effort to cultivate fellowship and to provide an opportunity for residents in Indian River County to enjoy family friendly events. Read More...


Our education programs help individuals have a clear understanding of who God is. The purpose of the classes is to clear up common misconceptions of God and to mentor people as they are discovering their true identity in Christ. Read More...

"Ever since walking through the doors of CrossLife, a physical and emotional change has occurred. I have been under severe torment (internal & external) for several months. This ministry has basically saved my life. I am so encouraged to go forward in life even in the midst of the biggest loss in my life.”



As a non-profit ministry, we do not charge a set fee for our biblical training and counseling, but operate on a donation basis. Your donations sow back into God's kingdom, enabling His work to continue to bring freedom to His people.

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"You must know who you are before you can behave like who you have become.”

~ Don Burzynski