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Welcome to CrossLife! CrossLife Ministries is a nonprofit Christ-centered ministry offering weekly fellowship gatherings, personal counseling, leadership training, and worldwide mission opportunities. Our teaching is based on Galatians 2:20: "I have been crucified with Christ; it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me..." 

The meaning of CrossLifeIt’s about identity! Who we are! The purpose of the ministry of CrossLife is to help a Christian understand their identity in Christ. The center point or point of reference of the gospel is Jesus Christ and what it means to be Christian. Christianity begins and ends with the “Cross-Life” of Jesus Christ! 

The death of Jesus Christ on a cross is the pivot point of history and the central focus of the Christian gospel. In His death on the cross Jesus was taking the death consequence of sin for all mankind.

Jesus as the God-man, who as man could experience the death consequences of sin, and who as God could restore divine life to man spiritually, allows man to once again be in relational fellowship with God.

The death of Jesus on a cross was absolutely necessary for man to be indwelt by the very life of God. The Cross reveals the two fold purpose of 1) death and 2) restoration.  He went to the cross, that we might have His Life! The “cross” and “life” are inseparable, therefore, “Cross-Life”. Without the cross there would be no life. The cross was a means to an end, “He came that you might have His Life.” The presence of Christ within a human spirit, union-life which is spiritual solidarity.

When Jesus said, "It is finished" we were "crucified together with" Him, this refers to our spiritual union or solidarity with Him. When Jesus died on the cross He died there for you and me, but He also died there “as you” and “as me”. When He died, “we died”. We were "in Him" when He died. The entire human race was represented by Jesus when He took the death consequences for sin upon Himself, but that spiritual-union or solidarity only becomes personal for you and me when we receive Jesus Christ by faith.

As a Christian understands who they are in Christ, they can begin to choose to live consistent with what Christ as their life is doing in them, allow His character to be manifest through them which is the behavioral expression that every Christian desires to experience. The counseling, leadership training, mission opportunities, and interactive gatherings of Christian fellowship at CrossLife is based on the living reality of Christ as your life, or as we call it the “CrossLife.”

God has been working through CrossLife since our establishment in Vero Beach, Florida in 1993 to teach and encourage people to function by the dynamic of God's grace in Jesus Christ. 

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